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Sci-Park view

High Peak mountain village

Convenient environment

"Man is born in order to think."

Arkady and Boris Strugatsky,
"Roadside Picnic", 1971

Roadside Picnic
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Sci Park Elements

Popular science, Entertainment and Fun

Ordinary museums take their visitors back in time, the Antimuseum ushers you into the future of science and technology. Ingenious unique exposition and rapid science show. Wide variety of outdoor units combining fun and knowledge experience. 3D theatre and VR machines. Hologram and optic exhibition. Planetarium and Observatory/Astronomy center. Playground and temporary expositions.

Education and Ɐ-works

Focused but not limited in natural sciences education unit is welcoming talented students for additional/main education programs and research opportunities. Enthusiastic and motivated teachers. New education methods. Equipped classrooms and required infrastructure. Diploma by recognised school or university.
Ɐ-works makes the way from idea to working sample in few days or even hours. Direct digital production workshop open for SCI Park residents and interested visitors.


Comfortable and cozy corner to stay in. Adjustable variety of rooms is provided by our BBB technology. Natural materials and spacious interior. Privacy in all units, separate entrance to every room or suite on every floor. Large scale of automated services. User friendly. Soundproof. Non-smoking.
Perfect for business guests, family stay and even for romantic vacation.

Business facilities

Office units for entrepreneurs and compact teams. Conference/congress center, meeting rooms, catering, accommodation and leisure programs from sightseeing to extreme adventures. Creative environment and confidential atmosphere. Living options for SCI Park residents. Corporate and individual programs/offers including full accommodation, catering and transport options. Everything you need plus pleasure of live communication and sports activities.

Residential area

High Peak mountain Village. Comfortable and affordable living at highest standards. Adjustable houses by BBB technology. Friendly atmosphere. Services, consumer goods. Splendid surroundings, active sports and evening life. Cozy quiet BBQ at home or dancing in SCI club - you choose. Dogs friendly. Privacy. Transport, services and food options for SCI Park residents. Limited offer.

Recreation & Catering

Cafes, cafe modules, restaurant, wonder place, concert, dancing, movie or just a bench for you. Culture events, classic and modern cinema, 24/7 automated drinks, snacks and services.
Arts exhibitions and installations.
Value of live communication being in your comfort zone.

It's your choice to be in or out...

Sci-Park selected projects

SCI Park have really powerful ability to create new ideas even in project phase. Conjunction area of tourism business and technologies brings to life new products like E.D.S. application for new way of connecting customer and provider. BBB basic Building Blocks technology came while redesigning SCI Park layout. New education approach and even new global language ideas.
People with prospect perspective are welcome to join.

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Eat drink sleep. Non-booking system - is the new way of tourism and decisions on the spot. Coming soon...

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The modern way of house constructing. Scalable, modular, mobile and resizable. For business, for tourism, for life.

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Ordinary museums take their visitors back in time, the AntiMuseum ushers you into the future of science and technology.

Sci-Park Team

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Anton Popov
Team leader and Founder

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Artjom Bajdak
Public Relations

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DaniIl Popov
Web Engineer

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Sergey Churkin
Project Engineer

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Anton Chechotkin
Project Engineer

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Anastasia Kuznetsova

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